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Better design

We've used best in class design and UX like you are familiar with Facebook and Whatsapp already. You are going to feel so comfortable as there are logs like facebook feed and chat like Whatsapp


You can participate in ongoing Car Auctions and place your bid to win a great deal of cutting cars.


Privacy Options

Set your car visibility like only visible to dealers, individual customers OR only in your network

Powerful design

You will feel familiar experiencing the design and the flow of app. Its very user friendly.


User Collaboration

Share your Stock and Requirements with your Dealer friends. Have realtime chat with them.

Search Cars on CarLogs Dealers


Benefits of this App

It increases productivity by solving all the small tasks you do in your day to day activities.

Individual Buyers

Your stock is visible to individual buyers who is looking for second hand cars in your area. They can initiate chat with you.

Cutting/Auction Cars

You can get best deals of cutting cars from other dealers and you can place bid for cars on auction by new car dealers and other users.


You will come to know when your Dealer friend is looking for any particular car model and you can share your requirements as well to help each other.

Stock Management

Add your stock at one place. You can share your stock on Whatsapp and Email. No need to copy-paste and share it with users. Its visible to them all the time.

Search Cars

You can search for a car setting various criterias like Model Year, Budget from your Network and other dealers in your region.

Leads Management

You can get the list of leads who have placed interest on your cars OR who have initiated query on chat to clear the doubts.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Go through the common questions you may have got before trying.

What is CarLogs?

CarLogs is a Platform available for Car Dealers to ease their day to day activities to increase the productivity. It is specially created for Used Car Dealers to manage their stock and get the best deals.

Is CarLogs Free?

Yes! Its absolutely FREE! You can upload and share your stock and requirements with your dealers without any extra costing.

How do I use CarLogs Features?

You simply have to install CarLogs app in your native platform like iOS/Android. Register yourself as a Dealer. Find Dealers from your region and add them to your network, you can also invite your phone contacts to join your network on CarLogs. Add Stocks, Add Requirements and your Logs are begun. Its that easy!

My cars visible to end users?

It depends on the Privacy option you set for your Car. If it is set to be visible to "All Users" Your cars are visible to individual users who are looking for second hand cars. They know that they are visiting a platform where there are only cars available by Dealers. They can place interest and initiate chat immediately and you never loose your deal. No individual can post their stock like other platform.

I have technical problem, who do I email?

We would be happy to get suggestions and problem report from you. You can contact us on +91 98678 95910 OR you can drop us an email on